Will My Air Conditioning System Make it Through Another Summer?


Do you wonder if your air conditioning system will make it through another Texas summer?  As temperatures climb, are you confident that your family will be comfortable with your current AC system?  What if you have a costly repair and are unsure if you should repair or replace the system?

Consider this: if you’re operating a 9 to 11 year old system that breaks down regularly, chances are that making that new repair is only a band aid to a larger problem and that you might be throwing your money away. That means more service calls and/or possible damage to other components of your heating and cooling system.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself in helping decide if you make the repair or if it’s time to upgrade your system.

  1. Do you plan on staying in your home for the next 3-5 years?
  2. How expensive is the repair you currently have to do?
  3. How often has your existing system required a repair or service call in the last 2 years?
  4. Does your current system perform to your expectations?
  5. Do you have air flow issues such as 1 room is too hot or too cold?
  6. Are your electric bills getting out of control, meaning do they keep going up each year?

If you plan on staying in your home and you have experienced 2-3 service calls in the last couple of years, you should look at upgrading your current system. Here are some of the benefits of upgrading your AC system:

  1. Savings on Your Electricity Bill
    70% of your electric bill comes directly from you air conditioning system from May-September. You could save up to 40% on your energy bills with a new high-efficiency AC system. Installing a new, high-efficiency cooling system can actually pay for itself in energy savings within a relatively short time.
  2. Improved comfort in your home.
    New technology allows for better de-humidification and improved indoor air quality, not to mention the ability to control your system from a smart phone or laptop.
  3. Long Term Savings From Repair Costs
    Comfort Air offers a 10-yr extended warranty on equipment which locks in your costs from additional repairs down the road.  Providing yearly maintenance can also extend the life of your equipment.
  4. Saving You Time & Energy
    A new system saves you time and the hassle of costly service repairs and will give you peace of mind that your A/C unit is up to the task.
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