Will Heavy Rain Damage My A/C?


Designed to Resist Weather Damage

Are you concerned about weather damage to your outdoor A/C unit? Are you worried about how the rain, sun, or harsh climates will affect your air conditioning unit or whether your A/C unit will continue to function under harsh conditions? Here are some things you need to think about: Even with excessive downpours, your air conditioner is designed and constructed to resist rain damage and continue operating as normal.

Heavy Rainfall Shouldn’t Affect Your Unit

Most of the parts incorporated in the outdoor compressor/condenser unit are aluminum, copper or metal and engineered to withstand the harshest weather. Electrical connections and components are sealed to resist the indirect moisture posed by rainfall. As long as everything is properly sealed, heavy rain alone should have no effect on the reliability and performance of your air conditioning unit.

Here’s What You Need to Look For

However, there are other potential problems that should be avoided. Storm Damage from high winds, falling tree branches or debris and Hail can affect your outdoor unit by crushing the outside coil surrounding your unit. In addition, long exposure to direct sunlight, tall weeds and/or shrubbery growing in and around the unit, and some fencing can also have adverse conditions on your system.

What You Can Do to Ensure Peak Efficiency

Much like your indoor unit requires a filter to keep your indoor coil and air clean, your outside unit removes the heat from inside your home and releases it out the top of the unit. The outdoor air surrounding the unit comes in through the condenser coil and rejects it away from the system. If shrubs, weeds, or a fence/awning block this natural flow of air, your coil is blocked and the system will not operate efficiently. You should cut back and remove any obstructions or barriers within 24” around your unit.

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