Is it Time to Replace My Air Conditioning Unit?

Is it Time to Replace My A/C Unit?

Are you having issues with your heating system, thinking you should replace it, but not sure if you should break down and invest in a new unit:

Ask yourself these questions to help determine if it’s time to replace your AC system instead of repairing it:

Is your equipment 8 years or older?


If so be careful not to throw good money after bad.  Most air conditioning units have a life span of 8 to 12 years. Units which are 12 years or older may be costing more than you realize. Major improvements in efficiency could save you BIG money.

Hi efficiency, multi-stage equipment will improve your comfort level and can save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Are you comfortable in your home?


Tremendous improvements have been made in today’s equipment that can drastically reduce your humidity levels, improve your air quality, lower your utility bills and reduce the noise level you’re experiencing currently.

Do you have hot and cold areas in your home?


Variable speed motors deliver the air volume you require and reduce humidity levels in the home. Variable air flow is the key to comfort.

Have you looked at the ductwork in your home?


Depending on the original installer of your duct system, 75% of homes utilize a flex duct system that may be improperly installed and/or designed.

If you don’t know what type of duct system you currently have, have one of our Comfort Consultants provide you a free evaluation of your system and put your mind to rest.

Do any family members suffer from allergies, asthma or other air quality health concerns?


If so, your air quality can be improved throughout the whole house with today’s high tech IAQ technology and air conditioning products.

Do you like saving money?


Always check for manufacture and utility rebates before you replace. Manufacturer rebates are usually available from March-May and Utilities and government rebates may be available any time throughout the year.


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