Protect Your A/C From Leaf Damage

How to Avoid Leaf Damage to Your Outdoor A/C Unit

Fall is a Magical Time of Year

With fall just around the corner, many are anticipating the nice cool air, the beautiful changing colors of the trees, and tasty holiday drinks at their local coffee shop. Your A/C may get a little bit of a break during these cooler days, but there is a danger you should be aware of: Leaf damage.

Beware the Leaves of Fall

During the fall, trees drop their leaves and produce an incredible amount of pollen. Leaves and pollen can clog up your air conditioning unit and cause it to work inefficiently. Pollen of the small dusty sort is drawn through your coils (the thin plates you see on the outside around your compressor), and will catch. Eventually, it will clog them enough to keep them from working.


In addition, leaves that are left in the bottom of your unit too long can rot, hold water, grow mosquitos, and cause damage to your equipment.

Steps You Can Take to Avoid Leaf Damage


To avoid leaf damage, it’s important to check your outdoor unit throughout the fall to make sure you don’t have too much leaf build-up. If you have significant leaf build up, you can locate the power box for your outdoor A/C unit and turn off the main power, then remove the top and vacuum, blow, or spray out the leaves. While you’ve got the power off, it’s a good idea to use a hose and spray off the outside of the unit to remove any pollen build-up.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re concerned about leaf damage, and you find it too difficult to take care of  it yourself, or if you have any questions, give us a call! Comfort Air is here to help

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