How Often Should I Change My A/C Filter?


Allergy Problems? Could Be Your Filter

Did you know that 1 in 5 people in the United States suffer from asthma and/or allergy symptoms and that allergies are the 5th largest category for chronic diseases? Odds are that a child with one allergic parent will develop allergies 33% of the time and that a child with two allergic parents has a 70% chance to develop allergies.

Your Air Filter to the Rescue

Having a quality air filtration system on your AC equipment and routinely changing the filter has lasting implications.  Not only will you protect your equipment and keep it running at peak efficiency, but you can avoid respiratory difficulties, allergies, and illness due to the circulation of bad air.

Check Your Filter Regularly

Air filters can also keep dust from accumulating in your home or office and also maximize your indoor air quality.  Depending on what type and size of filter you have, we recommend you inspect your filter monthly to see how often it needs to be replaced. If you can see light through it when held up to the sun, it may still be good, but if it blocks light, it’s time to replace it. During high usage months (especially in the summer) it may be a good idea to check it more often as your A/C will have longer run times.

What Kind of Filter Should I Use?

Washable, electrostatic filters are not recommended and are ineffective, creating a high static resistance for your system’s air flow.  A good throw away, pleated filter, rated at MERV 8 or higher, is preferred and is less restrictive on air flow, improving the performance of your system.

We Can Help!

At Comfort Air Engineering we’ve created several maintenance plans to make it easier on our customers, while saving them money and time on the upkeep of their indoor comfort systems. We can do a consultation with you to determine the best kind of filter for your system, and get you on a filter replacement plan that will work for you!

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