Here’s What You Need to Know About Refrigerant Leaks

What you need to know about refrigerant leaks

Do you ever wonder why your system experiences refrigerant leaks and what you can do about them?

Refrigerant is Sealed in Your A/C System

Your system is a sealed system and unlike gas in your car, refrigerant doesn’t get used up or evaporate over time. If your system is low and causing poor cooling in your home or office, there is very likely a leak in the system and it should be serviced by a qualified technician.

Should I Get My System Recharged?

If a technician can determine that your pressures are good and they are not having to add more than a pound or so of refrigerant, you probably don’t need a leak search.

However, if you’ve added refrigerant in the past and now the tech is telling you you’re low again, a leak search may be justified before adding any additional refrigerant to determine where the leak is located.

Recharging a system can be costly, costing several hundred dollars for a temporary fix. Most leaks are located in the coil and not repairable. Replacement of that component would be required.

How Leak Detection Works:

Electronic leak detectors can find the smallest of leaks. A technician will run his leak detector along solder joints and bends on the coils of the A/C system.

Detecting Refrigerant Leaks

He can also evaluate the system by placing it under a high pressured nitrogen test, where they coat problem areas in soap bubbles to detect leakage.

Bottom line is this: HVAC professionals should be able to find the leak and provide you the information you need to make an informed decision about adding refrigerant or replacing the failed component.


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