Does Your AC Condenser Talk To You?

Maintaining a healthy AC Condenser is vital to having an efficient, long lasting system. What if your AC Condenser could talk to you? Mine doesn’t either. But if it could talk, here are 4 things it would want you to know:


1. Divert the Flow Of Water Away From Your Condenser

Consistent exposure to rain and/or dripping water inside your AC’s condenser can wreak havoc and cause excessive wear and tear. Take special care to make sure your lawn sprinkler is not spraying on the condenser and make sure natural rain patterns are not flowing onto your condenser.

2. Clear Debris Like Weeds and Grass

Is your AC unit blocked off from good air circulation with a fence or overgrown landscape? If so, make sure to cut back hedges and weeds to improve the air circulation. Make sure your condenser is free of debris like leaves, grass, bushes that can restrict air flow.

3. Remove Every Other Picket of a Fence Surrounding Your Unit

If you do have a fence around the unit, remove every other picket to increase air movement.  Improving air flow around your outside unit will improve overall system efficiency and save you money.  It could even extend the life of your unit.

4. Clean Your Condenser Coil At Least Once Per Year

Last but not least.  Clean your condenser coil at least once a year or have a licensed HVAC professional inspect and clean your unit for you.

Planned maintenance is good planning!

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