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Can install or Retro fit any structure including Office, Retail, or Residential.

What is Building Automation?
Building automation describes the advanced functionality provided by the control system of a building. A building automation system (BAS) is an example of a distributed control system. The control system is a computerized, intelligent network of electronic devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical, electronics, and lighting systems in a building or home. This product is a Web based interface allowing flexibility and immediate results from the touch of a computer.

What are the advantages of a Building Automation System?
• Manage Energy Expenses
• Lowers utility costs
• Extend the life of your equipment through less use
• Automated Alerts for malfunctioning
• Energy Conservation
• Improves the consistency of Air Comfort
• Safety Benefits from Lighting
• Flexibility to adjust for seasonality & occupancy
• Increased Productivity
• Avoid unauthorized tampering
• Simplifies Building Operation
• Green Energy

photo 1Comfort Air Engineering is Your Solid Partner in HVAC and Building Automation:
• Design/build contracts
• Retrofit any structure
• Modifications/Additions/Upgrades
• Negotiated contracts
• Guaranteed maximum price contracts
• Hard bid/plan & spec

Why Comfort Air Engineering is the Expert You Need

• Engineering & design by professional engineers on staff
• Drafting and design services
• Heat load analysis
• Energy management analysis
• Energy management & maintenance

Certified Building Automation Service Provider for Honeywell                                           Johnson Controls • Carrier  • Trane

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