Staying Cool During the Summer Siege

Carrier-AC_System-1Comfort-Air Engineering Inc. has a long history of serving Texans as the best HVAC company and a reliable, quality AC Repair Company serving Alamo Heights and the surrounding area. We know the demands a Texas summer can place on your air conditioning and HVAC system, and are prepared to be at your home to return your home to its cool, comfortable state.

Staying Cool and Saving Money

Energy bills continue to rise and when the summer is at its hottest, the demand on your air conditioning system and budget can get strained. Many businesses can help you stay cool, but Comfort-Air Engineering Inc. works with your HVAC system and your budget to maximize the benefit to both.

Here are a few ways we work with you to ease the strain on both your system and your wallet:

  • Professional evaluation of your existing system – sometimes you are better off investing in a new, energy efficient model.
  • Conducting an energy audit – this will reveal the places where your physical house may be letting cool air, and money, out the window.
  • Evaluating indoor air quality – for example, high humidity levels can actually make you feel warmer than the room temperature.
  • Preventive maintenance agreements – to keep your system operating at its peak efficiency all year.

Doing Your Part

As technical professionals, we are able to address the technical problems. But as a homeowner you can save ,money and energy by doing some basic things that require little or no money on your part. While almost everyone prefers that our HVAC system are out of sight and out of mind and just do what they are designed to do, paying them an occasional visit can have its benefits.

  • Buying a programmable thermostat will enable you to reduce the demand on your system when you are not at home.
  • Placing thermostats in a number of rooms, called zoning, can reduce energy use in rooms that are not regularly used.
  • Cleaning your air filter is simple and will help your system run more efficiently.
  • Checking for and repairing leaks in windows and doors is generally inexpensive yet can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs.

Working Together

Making your home as comfortable as possible obviously requires you and the professionals at Comfort-Air Engineering Inc. to work together during the year. As the best HVAC company that has a long history knowing the needs of its community, we are available to not only help, but be your first choice for an AC Repair Company in Alamo Heights. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to find out how everyone can benefit from our services.